Dec 09

Making It Bright and Right with New LED Lighting

Q. I want to buy LED bulbs for my house, but I can’t figure out which style or designation will look most like my old bulbs when they are on.

A. LED light bulbs are an excellent upgrade for energy efficiency, and they offer a wide range of color shades or tones – cool, warm, soft, neutral, and daylight. Each of these options will offer a slightly different lighting “feel” or mood when they are on. Some people prefer a softer light, while others want as much brightness as possible. If you are trying to match the feel of your old incandescent bulbs, look for LEDs described as either “warm” or “soft” lighting.

Daylight bulbs offer another great option, especially at this time of year. That is because these bulbs more closely replicate natural light, which can help mitigate the effects of seasonal affective disorder (or the winter blues).

Cool or neutral bulbs are often used for outdoor lighting, as they tend to light larger areas and provide a broader lighting effect than you would need inside.

Feel free to contact us with additional questions about LED lighting and other lighting upgrades available for your home.

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