Sep 12

Staying Connected with Ethernet Wiring

Q. What is the difference between Cat5e, Cat6 & Cat6a Ethernet wiring within a building?

A. In-building Ethernet wiring can be a very useful feature in small offices with several internet-ready devices. But it can also be very convenient in homes where several rooms have internet-connected TVs, Blu-Ray players, game systems, and more. Wired connections can also be useful for always-on devices, and can reduce connectivity problems that may be experienced with wireless service.

In terms of the actual wiring itself, the name refers to the transfer speed that the wire is capable of. Cat5e wiring is used primarily for transmitting data between computers operating at a certain speed, while Cat6 wiring supports both data and video transmission. As the numbers of the wire go up, so do that data speeds – so Cat6 Ethernet wire is ten times faster than Cat5e. You can read more about the comparison here.

Whether for your home or office, Renaissance Electric can provide new wiring installations or Ethernet upgrades. Call us today to discuss some of the options available for improved connectivity.

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