Aug 08

Rewiring a Real Antique

Q. What is the oldest house you have ever worked on?

A. This is a great question. The oldest house I have worked on was built in 1854. It was relocated (the whole house!) from its river location to an area where the railroad came through town, and I had to rewire the entire house. Which was quite a project, as you can imagine.

There were a number of challenges, including the fact that the floor joists and attic lumber were all classic timbers – basically split logs from the local farmland where the house was originally built. I could still see bark on some of the joists, which was an interesting example of the craftsmanship and the way houses were built at that time. The crawlspace was so shallow that, in order to have room to run the wiring, I had to dig out trenches under them. In addition to that, there wasn’t a lot of information about how the walls had been framed, so running wiring was quite a process but also a learning opportunity. Fishing the wiring through some of them was quite difficult.

It was a great experience, and if you have an old or difficult house that needs electrical work, I’m sure we can handle the task. For any questions about your home’s electrical system, feel free to call us out for an inspection and estimate.

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