Jul 17

Federal Pacific Panel Problems

Q. I have a Federal Pacific Electric Panel in my home, and I have heard that they are potentially very dangerous. What should I do to make my home safer?

A. Federal Pacific electrical panels, specifically their line of “Stab-Lok” panels and circuit breakers, were identified some time ago as being potentially faulty and hazardous. The problem is that prior to this discovery, the panels and breakers were installed in hundreds of thousands of homes across the country (built prior to 1990). There are two separate issues with them; one, the breakers may not trip when they are supposed to which could cause circuits to overload, and two, the panels themselves may be faulty.

The only safe and sure solution is to replace these panels with tested and approved versions from reliable manufacturers. There are a number of proper replacement panels available, and we can help you determine the electrical needs and recommended panel setup for your home.
If you suspect that you may have one of these panels installed in your home, call us today for an inspection and recommendation. We can provide you with a safe and dependable installation that will protect your home while meeting all of your electrical needs.

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