Jun 10

Energy-Efficient Ventilation

Q. I have been noticing a lot of moisture in my bathroom, especially after showers. Is there any way to effectively remove or reduce moisture in rooms like this?

A. Moisture issues in bathrooms are very common, especially in rooms with inadequate ventilation. One of the best ways to reduce moisture in bathrooms is by installing an exhaust or vent fan with a step-down timer. A step-down timer allows the exhaust fan to run for a certain amount of time after you leave the room, and then turn the fan off automatically. The use of an exhaust fan equipped with a step-down timer offers energy efficiency, improved air quality, and reduced moisture in interior spaces.

We also recommend purchasing an exhaust fan that is rated to handle a slightly larger space than the room you intend to install it in. This allows the fan to be very effective at removing moisture from the room in a slightly shorter amount of time, thereby saving energy.

If you are interested in improving ventilation in your home’s bathrooms, contact us today to find out more about exhaust fan options and step-down timers.

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