May 22

Brightness Control

Q. Is it possible to use dimmer switches with energy-saving CFL or LED lighting?

A. It is. A wide range of bulbs that are dimmable have become available in recent years. Both CFL and LED bulbs are now being sold that are rated for dimming and work with most fixtures.

If you have converted all of your lights over to CFL or LED, there are specific dimming switches we can install that work with them. Or, if you prefer to have the option of installing whatever bulbs you may have, there are also switches that can handle all types (incandescent, halogen, CFL, or LED).

Of course, dimming switches allow more control over interior lighting, letting you choose the brightness you want depending on the room and situation.

If you are interested in energy-efficient lighting or in getting more flexibility from your existing lighting setup, contact us today to find out more about dimmer switch options.

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