Mar 20

Clearing the air about Flying Splices

Flying Splices

An example of flying splices in an attic.

Q. Our home inspector noted “flying splices” that were found in the home we are buying. What are they, and should they be corrected? How is that done?

A. Flying splices are open wire connections that are not contained within a junction box. Even if done carefully, flying splices present a potential electrical hazard and are not acceptable according to building and safety codes.

Flying splices may come undone over time, or wires that have been nicked or cut when they were stripped could present an open path for electrical arcs. For these reasons and many more, splices are required by code to be contained within a junction box.

The junction box provides a barrier between the wire ends and any other surface – walls, beams, plumbing, venting, etc. It is a simple correction but one that brings a home up to code and ensures the safety of the electrical system and the home overall.

To correct any flying splices, we would first inspect the wire to make sure that it is the appropriate wiring for the application, and that it has not been damaged in any way. Once we are sure of that, we can install junction boxes at any of these connections in order to safely contain the wires.

We have seen many home inspection reports that show flying splices needing to be fixed, and we have a great deal of experience correcting this issue and bringing homes up to code.

We are often called on to provide a more thorough review of the electrical system by home inspectors themselves, ensuring  that a home being purchased or listed for sale has safe, legal, and adequate electrical service.

Feel free to call us with any questions. Ensuring safe, reliable electrical service in your home or office is part of our mission.

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