Feb 12

Built-in protection starts at the wall

Q. What are tamper-resistant outlets?

A. Technically referred to as tamper-resistant electrical receptacles, these outlets look and function much like the standard outlets you currently have in your home, but with one important safety feature. Tamper-resistant outlets are engineered with a simple mechanism inside to prevent anything other than an electrical plug from being inserted in them.

Designed to protect small children from electrical shock, tamper-resistant outlets have spring-loaded mechanisms that block the electrical contacts until an appropriate power cord is inserted. Once a cord makes contact with both (or all three) openings on the outlet, the mechanism allows the outlet to open and the plug can be inserted.

Tamper-resistant outlets are superior to the old plastic covers that were once used to keep children away from outlets because unlike those covers, there is nothing to misplace or replace after using an outlet. Also, the mechanism is internal to the outlet, preventing children from being able to remove or tamper with the built-in protection.

The 2008 National Electrical Code was updated to require the installation of tamper-resistant electrical receptacles in new construction or renovations. For more information about tamper-resistant electrical receptacles, visit the National Fire Protection Association’s webpage about them.

If you are considering a renovation of your home, or would just like to have an added level of protection and safety, call us today. We can provide a quick evaluation and estimate for adding this level of protection to your home’s electrical system.

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