Dec 08

Beating the winter weather with a hot tub

Q: If I buy a hot tub as an early Christmas gift, what electrical requirements and considerations must be made to hook it up and operate it?

A: Hot tubs are a great way to relax and beat the weather, particularly during the winter months. Adding one to your home can be a simple process, but does require some considerations to ensure that it will operate efficiently and effectively without affecting your other appliances.

If your home already has a service panel providing at least 100 amps, it may be possible to hook up the necessary connections for a hot tub without making any changes within the home or the electrical system. That may depend, however, on other large appliances or electrical items that are already drawing current from that panel (i.e. electric stoves, electric water heaters, electric furnaces, etc.). If there are a large number of items already drawing current, then a panel upgrade may be necessary to ensure that all of the appliances (and any additions) have adequate power to operate effectively.

If you are thinking about purchasing and installing a hot tub and want to make sure that your existing electrical system meets the requirements, call us for an assessment. We can help you determine if sufficient power is already in your home, or what changes may be necessary for a safe, reliable installation.

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